About Me

Hi! I'm Antonio. To me, the most compelling challenges we can tackle as engineers and designers will vary wildly in gravity and complexity - from medical devices to musical instruments. This portfolio is a collection of projects that illustrate my interests and experiences in solving complex human problems through engineering innovation. Right now, I'm honing my design skills the Stanford Master's in Design Impact program, and am based in Palo Alto, CA. Before that, I worked in New Haven, CT as the Walter Cherry ’39 Family Design Mentor at the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, mentoring student teams and creating workshops for CEID members, shortly after I graduated from Yale with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I built the entirety of this site in Django 3 and Bootstrap 4 so that anyone in the world could check out the various things I've worked on or published. Feel free to reach out - I'm always open to new opportunities!